365folded up inside – day 1

Today begins a new project for me: 365folded up inside.

I want to reflect on the beautiful; the wonderful; the daily gifts that bless us. I recently reclaimed a jar from the memory boxes in the basement of my mother’s house. It is full of folded paper with thoughts, given to me many years ago (by my mother?) The text on the gift tag reads:

To last throughout the coming year
Here are some thoughts for you
365folded up inside
To start your day anew
Some may give you cause to smile
Others share wisdom too
Whatever the day that comes your way
May these thoughts bring joy to you

Here are the parameters of the project:

1) open the jar and read and photograph the randomly selected thought
2) take a photograph during the day inspired by that thought (using my new iPhone camera – a little blessing in itself)
3) post the photograph of the thought and the thought-inspired image

That’s it! Today, I am posting a photograph of the jar. And the (randomly selected!) thought.

Begin…the rest is easy.


The Jar

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  1. Posted November 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm by Sneha | Permalink

    What an appropriate pick for day-1 Julie 🙂
    ‘Start and the rest is easy’
    LOVELY gift from your mom by the way, and cool idea for a project :). All the best

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