Uncontained speaks against passive objectification and accepted propriety. Inspired by André Kertesz Distortions Series, Uncontained explores the relationship between self and selves and between self and others. The mirror that distorts can reveal more truths than a direct reflection, and spending time before this strange looking glass can help one see past innocence.

Kertesz broke new ground with his 1930s distortion series, and he outraged many contemporary surrealists with his images. Kertesz transformed the female body in new and fascinating ways, and perceptions and expectations were challenged by his work. While Kertesz admirably pushed many boundaries of perception and form, his women were represented in submissive, passive and objectifying poses, true to the time. Kertesz’s muses, while beautiful, are fragmented, distorted, and they disintegrate before our eyes. They are innocent of the images they create, they cannot see themselves, and they cannot challenge our gaze, which they are designed to satisfy.

With Uncontained, I strive to give voice to myself, to make sense of my identities – those that I have inherited, and those that I have crafted and earned. Revealing fantasies and fears, my muse is the self that has transgressed, in so many ways. By gazing at myself through a lens of distortion, I learn many hidden facets of myself, and as innocence falls away, I must speak my truths.